Saturday, January 18, 2014

Five on Friday

Yes, it is Saturday. But I am still joining in on the Five on Friday fun;)

1. I have become quite the salad maker. I basically just throw every random thing in my kitchen at home or the office together over spinach or romaine and call it a day. Hey, salads get boring after a while if you aren't careful. Put a little effort in to spice it up a bit. Ha.

2. You NEED this product in your life. If you are like me and have super dry skin, then this cool weather is just taking out all the nutrients! I put this on as soon as I turn off the shower and let it soak in while I'm towel drying my hair. It is light and moisturizes amazingly.

3. My roomie/sister is out of town this weekend and I have been babysitting her pup. Moose and her are pretty much best friends.

And talking about le sis, we have been working on her bun. Umm, perfection sis. So, so proud of your bun perfection!

4. I love Cyndibands hair ties. & they were sweet enough to send me some! They are so soft and I am picky about feeling my hair up in a pony tail. I like for it to be secure, but it is so long that it hurts after a while. These are comfortable & cute. Score!

5. And this made me laugh out loud. So my life right now. Oh the struggle:) 

Happy weekend you guys! Do something fun ... I can not wait to read about it come Monday.



  1. love! cute blog : )

  2. The puppies are so cute! I've seen those hair ties so much and they look like they wouldn't hold well - I guess I'll have to try them and see! The oil looks cool - have you ever tried argan oil? It's all natural and is like a miracle product - maybe they're the same thing ; )

  3. i love your blog, Arielle!

    thanks for the follow : )