Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lovely Links

These Hunter boots in lipstick pink, please. 
 ... p.s. I really want the light pink ones, but I cannot find them anywhere. Do they exist??

National Flags made from each country's traditional foods, here.
 ... Okay, a little odd to think about. But so neat! A friend of mine spotted this and I think it is interesting. Of course America would have hotdogs;) Ha. Here are some of my favorites.

United States: hot dogs, ketchup and mustard

Greece: Olives and feta cheese
France: Blue cheese, brie cheese and grapes

 This vignette and chalkboard for Easter decor. Love. 
Why do I not have this perfect case yet? Perfect for not smashing your bras while traveling. 

Can it please be someone's birthday so I can make this cake?

Thanks, Martha.

Free meal printable from Elephantshoe. Printed this today on card stock, and plan to tack is on my fridge with a little washi tape each week  

Talking about Washi tape …


For all you beginner bakers like me: Piping Tips 101

Pretty summer sandals from anthropology

& lastly … this quote is lovely. 


  1. Ha! I am making that cake for my boys this weekend. :)

  2. Love that cake! I think I am going to do that for my husbands birthday in July! Martha never disappoints. And I just got a pair of Hunter boots this week - obsessed. I can't believe I lived this long without them haha!

  3. I personally would like to thank Greece, I eat Feta on everything, ha ha!

  4. Love those Hunters! .. a necessity here in Seattle;) Your links are lots of fun. Those flags are so unique! What a great idea! leslie