Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Healthy Habits E-Course

Just checking back in today to tell you about an exciting event Katherine at The Real Food Runner Blog is putting on. It is a 28 day E-Course centered on starting healthy habits. How great is this for a fresh start in 2014?! Perfect, if I do say so myself. Any tips and advice on healthy living are welcome around here and I truly think it is a learning experience and a lifetime commitment. (uh hum, especially after a weekend filled with fried pickles and martini's, ha) Not just going to happen over night. So I am trying to start good practices now... that hopefully will pay off later in return!

I just love her blog and am excited to join the e-course. It started on Feb. 1st, but if you are like me.. and just a little behind the game you can still join too! Just register for the course, HERE.
And receive a 10% discount! Let's plan for a happy and healthy 2014. 

So all I did last weekend was eat ...

It all started on Friday when I bring my office doughnuts. I tried so hard not to touch them, haha. But I caved and ate a chocolate glaze. My favorite.

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But for some reason the rest of my weekend was filled with application (more to come later) and meeting friends to catch up. And that usually includes food/dinner. What can I say, food and Southerners just mix. It's a time to mingle and try new things! But not going to lie, it is all salads for me this week. Umm I need some creative salad ideas, btw.

Well I guess it started Thursday night when I met the family I nanny at dinner and the sis came too. Crazy nuggets.

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I started off studying and getting some work done after work on Friday at the Starbucks downtown. I gave myself a deadline, then I met these lovelies at one of my favorite restaurants in Gainesville, The Top!

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Fried Pickles happened.

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And martinis.
Then Saturday I went to brunch at this delicious place called the Jones Downtown. I have never been there but my sister Kendra loves it so I went! Then we took a long walk... then got ice cream... I wish I was lying.

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Desert first

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Any favorite records?? I love looking through old ones and score The Luminers and Prince this weekend..score!


And a detox is happening this week. Ha.

No but really, I have a post coming up about an awesome Healthy Habits e-course Katherine from The Real Food Runner Blog. 

It will be up later today! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Getting to know me edition

 I am posting for the Friday link up, "Getting to know you"  for Blonde Ambition's Blog. It is a little different than the traditional Confession Friday posts and focusing on getting to know all the new 'to me' bloggers!

... Posting on Thursday night though so I can still link up for Five on Friday tomorrow too!

Your name:
Arielle Salon Claude 

Where you're from:
North Central Florida 

What do you do with your days? (Work, SAHM, student, etc.)
I graduated last May with my undergrad and am working at a law office back home.

Tell us about your family (photos are great!): 
I have a twin sister named Kendra Page and we were adopted and raised by our grandparents. We grew up in a wonderful community, in N. Central Florida and had met some amazing people who also became like family to us.
Some of our other family lives in Missouri, Wisconsin, California and Washington. But our grandparents were from Missouri and Illinois. I, however, moved to FL as a young girl so it is pretty much all I have ever know:)

i don't want this exactly but this does remind me that i want to find old maps of FL waters and some sort of print of the state of FL

Kendra and me
Grams and I at my college graduation party

What are your dreams and goals:
I want to graduate law school and one day marry the man of my dreams. I cannot wait to have a family and a home here one day! I love to read and write and a dream of mine has always been to publish a book. I want to eventually be able to say I have traveled to all the main continents, visited every US state, and met the hometowns of my grandparents. I want to love big and have a heart for Jesus. 

Why did you start blogging?:
I started blogging simply because I LOVE to read blogs. I love people's story and I literally was in my freshman year of college and instead of reading a newspaper every night I had a list of blogs I read and caught up on. (I mean hey, I do read the newspaper sometimes, ha.) 
But I love blogs ranging from fashion, lifestyle, decor/design, mama blogs and girls in or just recently graduated my college- that 20-something girl. 
Plus I had a couple close friends who blog and I talked to them about it and it seemed fun!

Maybe tell us some random facts:
Random facts about me--- I love the colors purple and green, I used to love to paint, I am a coffee ADICT (like seriously, ha), I cannot go a day without chapstick or hand lotion, I wear glasses, I love indie folk music. (i.e., Civil Wars, Lumineers, Mumford & Sons), I like to try new recipes, can not stand slow drivers and always carry my planner. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lovely Links

These Hunter boots in lipstick pink, please. 
 ... p.s. I really want the light pink ones, but I cannot find them anywhere. Do they exist??

National Flags made from each country's traditional foods, here.
 ... Okay, a little odd to think about. But so neat! A friend of mine spotted this and I think it is interesting. Of course America would have hotdogs;) Ha. Here are some of my favorites.

United States: hot dogs, ketchup and mustard

Greece: Olives and feta cheese
France: Blue cheese, brie cheese and grapes

 This vignette and chalkboard for Easter decor. Love. 
Why do I not have this perfect case yet? Perfect for not smashing your bras while traveling. 

Can it please be someone's birthday so I can make this cake?

Thanks, Martha.

Free meal printable from Elephantshoe. Printed this today on card stock, and plan to tack is on my fridge with a little washi tape each week  

Talking about Washi tape …


For all you beginner bakers like me: Piping Tips 101

Pretty summer sandals from anthropology

& lastly … this quote is lovely. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

In The Perfet World...

 I would not hate mornings. Or even better, I could sleep until 8:30-9 every morning.

The post office would kick on the AC every so often. I go in with perfectly teased hair and after waiting in that horrendous line… leave with a mop.

People would never drive under the speed limit. 

I wouldn't have to ask for a lemon for my tea. It would just always be there.

I had a larger shopping budget … much larger, ha.

You wouldn't have to sit in a salon every six weeks for perfect highlights. 

Gyms would have rewards for showing up. Hey, incentives people. ha ha.

People would not be rude to one another. I get we all have our moments, but how perfect would it be if we didn't take it out on others. 

It would be easier to lose a pound, and girls would just have unlimited amounts of confidence. 

I could make everything on Pinterest. DIY's would never intimidate me. 

Dates would not be awkward. Ever. 

Nail polish would not chip.

And you would never forget to not drink the milk before it spoils. Because hey, being a girl in her twenties living alone… you come to a point were you realize wasting food is money you could have spent on shoes. 

Thought everyone deserved a good laugh today. What would you ask for in your perfect-ish world??

The weekend flew by… and i did a whole lot of nothing. It was wonderful. Ready for this week after relaxing and watching roughly 8 videos on Netflix. 

Do you love Netflix just as much as me? Impossible. ;)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Five on Friday

Yes, it is Saturday. But I am still joining in on the Five on Friday fun;)

1. I have become quite the salad maker. I basically just throw every random thing in my kitchen at home or the office together over spinach or romaine and call it a day. Hey, salads get boring after a while if you aren't careful. Put a little effort in to spice it up a bit. Ha.

2. You NEED this product in your life. If you are like me and have super dry skin, then this cool weather is just taking out all the nutrients! I put this on as soon as I turn off the shower and let it soak in while I'm towel drying my hair. It is light and moisturizes amazingly.

3. My roomie/sister is out of town this weekend and I have been babysitting her pup. Moose and her are pretty much best friends.

And talking about le sis, we have been working on her bun. Umm, perfection sis. So, so proud of your bun perfection!

4. I love Cyndibands hair ties. & they were sweet enough to send me some! They are so soft and I am picky about feeling my hair up in a pony tail. I like for it to be secure, but it is so long that it hurts after a while. These are comfortable & cute. Score!

5. And this made me laugh out loud. So my life right now. Oh the struggle:) 

Happy weekend you guys! Do something fun ... I can not wait to read about it come Monday.


Monday, January 13, 2014

For love of Anthro.

I think my style is developing. It is changing. But, I like it. 

Style is fun. Part of who you are! 

Some of my favorite looks right now are from Anthropologie

I love their colors, cuts and use a lot of it for inspiration for outfits. 

There is even a really awesome second hand store in my town, Urban Thread, that sells a ton of Anthro. I also love their aprons, and bedding!

Anthropologie Favorites